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Using email attributes and filters

As shown earlier in the Getting Started section, we can use different attributes in a filter when retrieving some emails.

The search method

A way to search for emails using filters is through the search method, in this case a complete string referring to the criterion to be used must be passed. This way makes it the user's responsibility to use the attributes and syntax correctly.


# Searches for all emails sending by the address:
messages ='FROM ""')


The filter_by method

In some cases, the way above can get a little confusing or generate doubts when building the filter string. Therefore, it is possible to use the filter_by method as a "shortcut" to make the filters.

from import MailFilters
from datetime import datetime

# You can view and select an attribute using: MailFilters.<ATTRIBUTE_NAME>

# Searches for all emails sending by the address:
messages = email.filter_by(MailFilters.FROM, "")

# Searches for all emails that have not yet been read
messages = email.filter_by(MailFilters.SEEN, False)

# Searches for all emails that were received on the date: 15/02/2022
messages = email.filter_by(MailFilters.ON_DATE, datetime(2022, 2, 15).date())


In this case, it is not necessary to worry about the syntax of the filter string, just pass the desired attribute in the filter and the value that this attribute should have.

The attributes that can be used are defined in the MailFilters class as a Enum, the following table shows the attributes that are defined and what types of values they can receive:

Attribute Description Type of value
SEEN with/without the Seen flag bool
FROM address from email sender str
TO address receiver as TO str
CC address receiver as CC str
BCC address receiver as BCC str
SUBJECT the email subject str
TEXT_CONTENT contains the text in the email body str
ON_DATE email date is within specified date
DATE_GREATER_THAN email date is within or later than the specified date
DATE_LESS_THAN email date is earlier than the specified date
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