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Building the Package

Since the bot is a python package, it is recommended to generate a source distribution.

For that we provide build scripts (build.bat and build.bat) which just do the following:

python sdist

This process will generate a dist folder with the compressed project source code.


After that is done you can install the package generated with:

pip install dist/botPython-1.0.tar.gz   # or .zip if running on Windows

Or simply using the following command:

pip install -e .


If you are using the BotCity Maestro server, the BotRunner will take care of installing your package into a virtual environment for execution in your automation machine. All you need to do is use the BotCLI command line interface to deploy and release your package.

# For deploy:
java -jar botCLI.jar bot deploy -botId "botPython" -version 1.0 -file "./dist/botPython-1.0.tar.gz" -python

# For update of an existing version file:
java -jar botCLI.jar bot update -botId "botPython" -version 1.0 -file "./dist/botPython-1.0.tar.gz" -python

# For release:
java -jar botCLI.jar bot release -botId "botPython" -version 1.0